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Girls Want FLOWERS for Valentine’s Day!

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Lavish

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and guys, girls still want flowers for Valentine’s Day! Everyone loves flowers-they are guilt and calorie free and they are just so beautiful! And trust us, even the girls who tell you they don’t care about Valentine’s Day still want flowers for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips for you fellas regarding Valentine’s Day:


2. What kind of flowers do girls want?

Ok, we have established that girls want flowers for Valentine’s Day. Now the question is-what kind of flowers should you buy? Obviously the dozen roses still rule the Valentine’s Day world. Red roses are the ultimate ‘I Love You.’ That being said, should you buy your gal a dozen red roses? Maybe, maybe not. If you have said those three precious words to her, then yes, a dozen red roses is absolutely appropriate. If it is a new relationship, or you want it to become a relationship, then red roses might be overkill. In new and potential relationship situations, we recommend pink, white, or lavender roses, or a combination of different colors (which can include red roses).

No matter what your romantic situation is, a florist choice of mixed colors and flower types is ALWAYS a good choice. In fact, this is becoming more and more popular and may one day outnumber the dozen red rose arrangements. With a mixed flower arrangement, you get a few benefits. One, the florist knows what looks best. Often times, red roses aren’t the greatest quality during Valentine’s Day because they are in such high demand that the growers have to exhaust all their red rose crops. Additionally, red rose prices are crazy high during Valentine’s Day. Which leads to the second benefit- you will get more flowers for your money when you do a mix of flowers. Incorporating inexpensive flowers in the arrangement like white hydrangeas, greenery, carnations, etc. will get you a much fuller arrangement for the same price as a dozen red roses. And lastly, a nice mix of flowers is a much more interesting choice and will stand out against the sea of red roses!

3. Get Creative with Non-Floral Gifts

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your Valentine’s Day gifts. Lavish has some really great gift items to add to your flower arrangements. Think fun balloons, candles, plush toys, spa gifts, and even macaroons!

4. Order Early

The last tip for Valentine’s Day is-get your order in early! Most florists purchase their flowers months in advance and will sell out of their best products first. A lot of guys tend to put off ordering for Valentine’s Day, but getting it done early will ensure her flowers are the best! And with online ordering, getting your order in early is easy!