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Glad we Have Glads!

Posted on June 28, 2015 by Lavish

Ok. Asking a florist to pick a favorite flower is like asking a mom to pick a favorite child. There might be days when one drives you more crazy than the other, but still you love them all. So I am definitely not claiming a favorite, but I thought I’d get to bragging on a specific stem today.

Lately, I have been all about gladiola arrangements. And why not? They are beautiful, elegant, simple, and long lasting. They add height and are available in multiple colors, making them great for parties and weddings.

I have heard all sorts of reactions to my gladiola suggestions lately. My favorite is, “aren’t those funeral flowers?” Well, have they been used in funerals? Of course they have. Roses have too, but you don’t hear anyone ruling them out.

Take a look at what we have brightening up our office these days! Order a simple bouquet of gladiolas the next time you want to impress without spending a fortune!

Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below…

Donna Graves
Lavish Floral
Quincy, Illinois