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Prom Flower Trends we LOVE

Posted on April 17, 2017 by Lavish

Prom season is here, and we are creating some amazing, unique pieces of floral jewelry that we are absolutely IN LOVE with, and we can’t wait to show you our creations. First of all, we are now using our Lavish Everlasting preserved roses for corsages and boutonnieres. Why? BECAUSE THEY LAST FOREVER. You will be rocking your wrist bling until curfew while your friends will be like…










Your friends will also envy your on-trend floral jewelry while everyone else is wearing a bush on their arm that looks just like the arm bushes of the early 80’s prom corsages-








Don’t wear an arm bush. Wear one of our unique corsage rings, cuffs, or bracelets! We can customize all the bling, lights, ribbon, feathers, pearls, and adornments. Just bring a picture of your dress and we will do the rest!